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Ratings Enhancement Services

Ratings Enhancement Services

FastCUME™ Tactic

If you are a station (or you are in a cluster with a station) that is doing the Holiday Music Station 24/7 tactic, ask our team about the Americalist FastCUME ™ tactic.

Faster CUME is important to Holiday Music Stations who have a temporary format (last phase of the fall book) that we all know boosts CUME.

How much CUME are you getting and how fast?

Stations that see head-to-head Christmas stations and wonder why they can’t get more credit than the other guy need to call Americalist for the FastCUME ™ Tactic, especially when you are in a head-to-head battle for top-of-mind.

Targeting That Kicks Butt

Americalist offers any demographic, geographic, or psychographic in a variety of targeting that includes addresses of unlisted phones, new homeowners, and Spanish surname lists.

First Contact Lists

Grab new listeners in your market before the competition does! New movers are moving into your market every week. We can provide you with a list, telemarketing, and/or follow-up direct mail. New movers can equal new listeners. Make first contact. Also available, First Contact Businesses (as new listeners and/or leads for your sales department).

Neighbor Select™

Reach the people most like your current listeners—their actual neighbors. Smart programmers know that “like listeners” live very near each other. You see it in your hot zips – now boost you ratings using smart targeting with Neighbor Select.You provide us with your current listener database and Americalist produces a list of their neighbors for calling, mailing, and emailing.

Drive peer-to-peer participation! This can be used with many stealth direct marketing attacks to boost participation and viral aspects of your new ratings success!

Standard and Viral E-Marketing

Once you have captured email addresses of new and loyal listeners, we help you use this information to enhance top-of-mind awareness through email surveys, contests, and newsletters that fuel greater viral participation.

Quick Calls™

This brief call placed live by our telemarketers or prerecorded by your station personalities can give your ratings a jolt when you need it most. Quick Calls™ are lightning fast and powerfully effective with a variety of specific tactics for boosting ratings by cell, zip code, neighborhood or any other way you want to seek solution to a ratings problem.

Database Hygiene

Many stations have lost their way when it comes to database. Is your current loyal listener database a stack of contest entries piled in the corner of your office? We can take care of database building, maintenance and marketing.

It’s less expensive than you might think, and cleaning your database and using it can help you win. It’s a sure way of keeping in touch with your P1s and motivate them to listen longer!

Digital Variable Data Printing

DVD printing allows you to highly personalize each direct mail piece (and even create contests that look as if the contest is only for the exact person to whom you sent the direct mail piece). Each piece can be personalized with the recipient’s name, specific copy, photos, and more. You are limited only by your imagination!

Americalist Listener Profiler Took Kit ™

Helps you locate the listeners who are most like your core participators and most likely to convert to P1 listeners with longer time spent listening. This let’s you look at high-indexing zips and individual household targeting that shows you where you can gain listening the fastest and how to grow the radio station significantly while other stations fall behind.

Other Ratings Booster Programs:

At-Work Telemarketing

Hot Zip Residential Marketing

Comprehensive Coverage

Strategic Direct Mail