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Hot Zips Residential Telemarketing

Hot Zips Residential Telemarketing

Rattle neighborhoods with the sound of your target demo changing radios to your frequency. Dominate the zip codes where your station and your competitors are getting most of your Arbitron diary mentions.

Your station receives a powerful, integrated campaign that equals results: high top-of- mind awareness for diary-keepers, increased CUME and TSL, and positive movement in your market.

Here’s How Your Customized Program Works

  1. Target families by age, income, gender and psychographic factors in your Hot Zips and produce a custom calling list from our up-to-date file.
  2. We call families who commit to listen to your station for the chance to win cash and/or prizes.
  3. You receive emails daily of families that have committed to listen to your station. These names become part of the pool of potential winners.
  4. Your listeners receive letters, postcards or emails to remind them to honor their commitment and register friends and family members for the contest.
  5. We send you a file of everyone who agreed to sample your station and turn this into a powerful marketing tool by merging new listener records with your current database.

Want to Reach Neighbors of your Current Listeners?

How Can Residential Telemarketing Give You a Winning Book?

Our research has shown that on any given day, a contact can be made in approximately 55% of homes called. By inviting these potential listeners to sample your station, you can position your call letters in their minds for up to 14 hours each weekday. When it’s time for them to fill out their diaries, your station gets credit.

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