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Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

Americalist’s Powerful Marketing Blitz Blankets Your Market

Americalist Media Marketing combines the proven programs of residential telemarketing, at-work telemarketing, and direct mail to create the ultimate ratings-booster program for your station.

First, we analyze where you are in your market, where you want to go, and how best to achieve your ratings goals. Then we roll out your custom campaign:

  • At-Work Telemarketing: We target businesses most likely to respond to your station’s offer to sample your programming. Our pros contact each business asking for commitments to listen to your station. Follow-up mailings remind businesses of their commitment to listen.
  • Hot Zips By Phone: We contact families in your Hot Zips. Families receive a phone call offering the chance to win cash and prizes for tuning in to your station.
  • We finish blanketing your market by mailing a high-impact direct mail piece to potential diary-keepers with unlisted phone numbers in your Hot Zips.
  • At the end of the campaign, you receive an in-depth post-campaign analysis and files of new listener commitments (with appended information).
  • Using your database of current listeners and new listeners collected from you’re Americalist marketing campaign, we can perform powerful — and fast — follow-up marketing by having us contact your listeners by phone call or email.

Why Comprehensive Coverage?

  • Cost-effectively promotes top-of-mind awareness in zips with a high percentage of diary-returners
  • Reaches all aspects of your listener base in one campaign
  • It’s customized to your station

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