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At Work Telemarketing

At Work Telemarketing

Dominate the Competition at Work and Win!

Imagine, a proven program in which every person who commits to listen to your station can listen 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. That’s 160 quarter hours per week. And most people who commit to listen have co-workers within listening range.

Here’s How Americalist’s Customized Program Works:

  1. From our updated nationwide business targeting, we create a custom list of businesses in your Arbitron market.
  2. We call businesses to secure commitments to listen to your station. We let people know they can win cash or prizes just for listening.
  3. We print and mail individually addressed personal letters or send postcards to remind participants of their commitment to listen.
  4. We email you daily a file of all the companies and employees that made a commitment to listen to your station. We can then merge this new listener data into your current database.
  5. We can then follow up on people who committed to listen with other personal contact vehicles such as emailing, postcard mailings, and Americalist Quick Calls.

How Can Listen-At-Work Telemarketing Give You a Winning Book?

Research indicates that more than 50% of radios on at businesses are heard by more than one employee. You get 40 hours a week in which to position your station so it gets credited for workplace listening. If the workgroup likes your programming, they will stick with you after the promotion is over.

Our live telemarketing team excels in getting participation and changing at-work listening ins market after market.

Our strategic direct mail design team can make your marketing come alive, get noticed, and capture response and higher participation with your station at-work. We do not “farm out” these services. Americalist provides next-level design services that will help you drive ratings and encourages loyalty.

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