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Ratings Booster Programs

Customized Direct Marketing for Your Station

When it comes to radio, the term “one size fits all” doesn’t apply. A cookie-cutter approach to marketing offered by some companies is, quite simply, a recipe for failure.

Americalist Media Marketing is different. Tell us your goals. We listen, analyze, plan, and execute your campaign—exclusive for your format in your market.

We study your ratings, demographics, your strong and weak zip codes, and target area based on the number of Arbitron diaries returned. And, we do the same with your competition. Our analysis yields mail and phone lists that pinpoint your most productive geographies….reach people and businesses that can create growth for you…and positively impact your bottom line.

Every Direct Marketing Campaign is Custom Made

Every postcard, self-mailer, letterhead, telemarketing script and email is completed with our client’s audience in mind. Every strategic plan is formulated to help beat the competition in our client’s market.

Everything we do is focused on moving the needle and helping our clients make money through increased CUME and TSL.

Ratings Booster Programs:

At-Work Telemarketing

Hot Zip Residential Marketing

Comprehensive Coverage

Ratings-Enhancement Services

Strategic Direct Mail